Tavish Ellis & Dayne Melvin – Find Your Place (2017, Self-Released)

Without getting too political or dismal, The United States is in a weird place at the moment. On top of Charlottesville, Hurricane Harvey, and now as Irma sweeps across Florida, there is a lot of confusion and pain in this nation. All one needs to do is turn on the TV or Facebook, and hear the incessant noise of news media and concerned citizens. Just when you think you get a break from it all, something else happens to keep you from resting. Therefore, it seems quite fitting that in the midst of this chaos, Delaware-based producer Tavish Ellis and singer-songwriter Dayne Melvin have released their calm yet passionate single, “Find Your Place.”

“Find Your Place” is a stunning collaboration between two artists who are fantastic in their own styles. Listening to their back catalogs, the two coax a variety of emotions and beauty in their songwriting. Whether it’s Dayne’s soulful singer-guitarist work or Tavish’s progressive house style, they both display compositional mastery in their respective genres. The trend of combining indie rock/folk and electronic music can tend to be hit or miss, as the dance beats underneath painfully honest songwriting can sometimes feel forced. But thankfully, that’s not the case here. Both artists bring their emotional songwriting abilities to the table, and the final result works beautifully.

The atmospheric pads and beautiful Rhodes-like synths provide the perfect foundation for Dayne’s raw vocals and emotional lyrics of healing. Heartfelt lyrics like “Love will find its way” softly drone over guitars and a rolling beat. As Dayne distantly croons, “Break away…,” the song reaches its emotional climax with deep house grooves and calm vocal harmonies. In general, it’s a delightfully delicate and beautiful song that combines indie folk honesty with unusually sensitive electronic beats. It fits just as well for home listening and strolling through H&M as the club’s “chill room.” Not to mention, it’s one of the best-produced songs I’ve heard all year. When you can’t handle all the heartbreaking confusion of politics and natural disasters, take a chill pill with this tune.

Title: Find Your Place

Artists: Tavish Ellis and Dayne Melvin

Genre: Progressive house/deep house/indie electronic

Available to stream and buy on iTunes and Spotify!


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